It is Inktober guys!! Me being new to the whole drawing and doodling thing, Inktober is new to me too. I came across so many doodle challenges, drawing challenges and prompts on Instagram. I chose one finally - HollyPixels challenge. You should check out the hashtag related to it. #hollyween

How I made a new friend and an update on my doodles!

Isn't making new friends exciting? And when they give you opportunities, it gets even more exciting! Sometime beginning of this year, I met a friend (Well.. just a stranger in the beginning) via a baking class organized by my cousin. She got in touch with us via Instagram and we stalked her profile to see that she already bakes and conducts workshops too. We were curious about this person coming for the class - Why is a person who already bakes coming for a baking class? Do you think she wants to collaborate? Oh.. We were trying to be Sherlock Holmes.

Is it easy to judge a person by what you listen about them?

Since I started doodling, I try to put my thoughts into what I'm drawing. Last week, while I was listening to someone I met - judgment in their speech but talking about goodness in themselves, I wanted to stop them right there and question their thinking. But my questions didn't make sense to them. Is it easy to judge a person by what you listen about them? As a human, is that one of the mistakes we make?

Baking Cheesecake For The First Time

Oreo Cheesecake! That was the first cheesecake I ate in 2012 and since then, I have been in love with cheesecakes.. Hahahahaha.. Yes!! I love cheesecakes. The Oreo cheesecake I ate was delicious and 'Orgasmic' in the words of my friend who was with me enjoying the cheesecake. I explored different types of cheesecakes in the city. I have tasted Yoghurt based cheesecakes which absolutely and equally delicious as a normal cheesecake. The same friend of mine took me to a place called 'Art of Delight'. They serve cheesecakes in jars and tastes heavenly.

Head Over Heels for Designing!

I took a long break from writing, didn't I? Last week was jam packed for me with a lot of doodling and designing. As the day goes by and as I practice, I am loving every detail or trick I learn. I am not sure if I mentioned that my husband is a musician! Well, he is a musician - lead guitarist in a couple of bands and a music composer. He has been working on his single for a year and he released it last week. You should listen to it!!!

Practicing my doodles!

Doodling is so much fun when you can add colour to it! Like I said before, in my previous blogs, I started doodling. I have been practicing on a daily basis - strokes, shapes, lines. I'm not great at drawing, I can draw an idea of what I want to draw but not perfectly! Is that confusing? Basically, I can't draw well. I tried copying drawings and practicing to get them right! And, I thought - "How can I doodle when I can't draw well?" I realised you don't have to be perfect at it, you can create your own style.

Forgetting to live for today!

Do you look at little things around and try to make sense of it? Are we forgetting to live for today? I think we all do; look at things around us and wonder if this is how it is meant to be or could it be different. We forget to take a moment to look around and admire the moment. The other day, I stepped out of my house into the balcony to enjoy the weather that day. It was breezy with a slight drizzle, the trees whooshing like they are whispering to each other, the birds flying swiftly to find shelter and the smell of wet mud in the air. Something about all of this just makes me go - 'This is beautiful!'